Interview Tips For Successfully Answering A Question About How You'd Deal With A Certain Situation

26 April 2018
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When your staffing agency has successfully secured you an interview and you're sitting across from the person who might soon be your boss, you want to answer every question in the job interview properly. While you can expect questions about your experience and attributes, many employers will also assess you by presenting you with a certain situation and asking how you'd deal with it. How you answer can be instrumental in showing the employer that you'd be a good fit for his or her organization, so here are some tips to use.

Don't Shy Away From Asking For Help

Stating that you'd consult with a manager might seem like a bit of a dull response to this question, but it may actually be the right one. Employers don't necessarily want employees who surge forward without being clear on how to proceed. If you feel that the scenario the employer has explained is something that might make you feel uneasy, telling him or her that you'd likely want to consult with your manager before taking the next steps can show that you're someone who isn't afraid to ask for help — an attribute that most managers see as positive.

Think About The Job Description

When your mind is racing to think of how to best respond to the question, try to recall the job description for the position. If you've reviewed this document multiple times before the interview, you should be able to remember the personal attributes that the employer is looking for. As you craft your answer, try to incorporate these elements. For example, if a desired personal attribute is to work under deadlines, you might want to discuss how you'd make a decision based not only on getting the project done well, but also having it wrapped up before the deadline.

Tie In Past Experiences

Employers love when you can reinforce the points that you're making with real-life anecdotes. When the employer describes a sample scenario, see if you can answer it by linking it to a past experience that you dealt with in a different job that you held. Doing so further demonstrates that you're the right person for the job, as you're already experienced in situations that you could face in this new role. For example, if applicable, you might be able to talk about a scenario in which you jumped in to help a colleague even though the work wasn't in your job description.

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