Understanding the Process and Techniques Used in Life Improvement Coaching

15 September 2023
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Life improvement coaching, often referred to as life coaching, is a profession that is misunderstood by many. An exploration of the process and techniques used in this field may provide clarity for those who are considering this form of self-development. In life coaching, an individual's present circumstances are examined by the coach, and future goals and aspirations are defined. A plan is then established to bridge the gap between the current situation and the envisioned future. Read More 

The Power Of Business Epigenetic Testing: What It Is And When To Use It

22 March 2023
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You may have heard of epigenetics in relation to personal health and wellness, but did you know that it can also have implications for businesses? Epigenetic testing is a powerful tool that can help businesses understand how environmental factors and experiences can affect their gene expression and, ultimately, their bottom line.  What Is Business Epigenetic Testing? Business epigenetic testing is the process of analyzing the epigenetic marks of a group of individuals within a company to identify potential factors that may be impacting their productivity, engagement, and overall health. Read More